Board of Trustees Treasurer (Volunteer position)

Brain Injury Association of Ohio

The Brain Injury Association of Ohio is looking for an individual to serve as Treasurer of the Board of Trustees. This is a volunteer position in a 501 (c)(3) Association which has over 30 years history in Ohio in brain injury prevention, education, research and advocacy for public policies and community initiatives which serve those goals.

Qualifications: -CPA credential or experience in financial management. -Proficiency in development of budgets and financial planning -Familiarity with 501©(3) compliance requirements at state and Federal levels -Be bonded The Treasurer of the Association serves as the fiscal officer of the organization and the chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Duties include: -Oversees the maintenance of appropriate records to reflect the receipts of all monies and the payment of all authorized and just bills of The Association -Oversees the preparation and submission of a report of the financial activities of The Association during the fiscal year to the General Membership at the Annual Meeting -Presents the operating and capital budgets to the Board of Trustees for approval at its last meeting of the fiscal year -Oversees the annual audit and/or reporting process -Ensures that the reporting and/or auditing parties have full access to financial and related records as needed -Reviews reports and related financial statements -Submits audit and/or financial reports to the Board on an annual basis

For more information or to express interest in this Community Service opportunity, please contact Stephanie Ramsey, MPH, President Board of Trustees at (614) 336-0539 or

Contact:Caezilia Loibl at or Stephanie Ramsey, MPH, President Board of Trustees at (614) 336-0539 or

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