Nexgen Events

 July 2024 


Vision Statement

“To ensure the transference of wisdom, tradition and integrity, from the pioneers of financial planning to the next generation of our profession.”

Mission Statement

“NexGen is intended to be a community of the next generation of financial planners.”

NexGen strives to provide members with a network that serves to:

  • Support, advise and encourage one another in our professional advancement
  • Promote, foster and direct programs that aid in knowledge transference
  • Explore issues common to younger planners and seek means of accentuating the positives and finding resolutions for the negatives


In 2014, the NexGen community officially turned 10 years old and what a way we’ve come in that time.

We are thrilled by the achievements that FPA NexGen and its members have made in the professional world and the broader FPA leadership, including:

Former NexGen president, Michael A. Branham, CFP®, was the 2013 President of FPA
NexGen member, Michael E. Kitces, CFP®, is an internationally recognized financial planning thought leader

Former NexGen member, Tim Maurer, CFP®, is a Forbes author, contributor and instructor

The community has received many and varied media mentions

The community includes numerous financial planning program instructors around the country

FPA NexGen: Past, Present, and Future


Upcoming Events:

If you would like to attend a NexGen event, email your RSVP to

July 17, 2024 at Corient

August 15, 2024 at Sequoia Financial

October 16, 2024 at Frazier Financial

November 21, 2024 at Summit Financial

December 18, 2024 at Corient